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If you’ll nose around my comments a bit, someone by the handle of “laughingyouth” has presented an interesting point.

I got offended at first, but just take a listen (look?)

The problem with teenagers is that they all deal with the same kind problems and fears while being absolutely sure they are the only one feeling that way.

Ring a bell? Maybe ring Big Ben? I thought it was a great quote. Don’t be snobby about it. You aren’t the only one who’s been there or is there or is going there so relish your mistakes and embrace them as they come.

You’re a teenager, everybody deals with it. Take heart, you’re not alone.

The key to confidence is balancing your ego with everyone else’s. I know everybody out there is probably aware of this already, but it’s a new experience for me. You have to remember, I do live under a rock ^^.


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