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PotShot 1.2 now available

Download (all in .zip files)


  • Persistent directory saving. You can enter a custom directory and it will be saved for the next application launch so you don’t have to type it again.
  • Press Enter when typing a custom directory manually and it will be saved automatically too.
  • Pause button to stop capturing screenshots without resetting the image numbers.


  • Better error handling with invalid paths and file names.


  • The UI elements for “Automatically stop after.” This will take a while to implement and in the meantime it clutters the interface.

Known issues

  • The error handling isn’t quite up to par so it might still crash when opening or saving to an invalid file or directory.

The fixes from the 1.1 beta version still apply. This includes the duplicated image bug fix. There was no non-beta version for 1.1.


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