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Vistalizator is a program to change the UI language of Windows Vista using the MUI packs even if you don’t have the Ultimate or Enterprise editions. The MUI packs, by the way, are available online if you know where to look.

I love this program, for the simple fact that it counteracts Microsoft’s stupid decision to not allow localization on the lower-end Vista editions. I’m using Vista in Japanese now and loving it!

It’s ridonkulously fast 😀


And to continue my rant a bit further, whose bright idea was it to not allow all editions to be localized to all languages? What if someone is forced to buy a lower-end computer and doesn’t speak the installed language? Or someone comes to visit who doesn’t speak English?

I’m sick of them eeking out every bit of cash from every corner they can.

This is only another reason to switch to Linux.. sure Vista makes language installs less painful, but that gap gets narrower every day.

I will NEVER EVER understand why they didn’t allow MUIs on all editions. However, thanks to programs like Vistalizator, we can rightly have what we are wrongly denied.


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