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Some strange force motivated me to turn to channel 362 this morning.. the channel that has sucked since we got rid of our cable service (DirecTV, at least until now, didn’t have the capacity to handle all the different local forecasts). Then I saw something totally unexpected.. a local freaking forecast on freaking satellite TV.

What is it? Well it’s not an IntelliStar system. It looks like a DirecTV Active slideshow that’s been filled up with the forecast. I think what the forecast system does is take the zip code that is entered into the DirectTV Active service, and then display an Active channel whenever the forecast comes on, specifically for that zip.

I like it a lot; it’s tons better than the blah satellite forecast. It’s not perfect, though: The radar is way too small (and unanimated! :O),  not to mention it’s not nearly as smooth as a “real” IntelliStar system would be. It looks like a PowerPoint presentation.

Most of the reason I’ve wanted a system like this is for the warning scroll in the LDL. Whether or not DirecTV can provide that remains to be seen. I’m not wishing for severe weather but I would like to see how much the system actually does.

I think they’re still in the early testing stages, because it flakes on and off quite a bit. I was lucky to catch it this morning.

This coincides with yet another revamping of the Active service, except this time it’s actually kind of useful because the former weather source sucked (I think it was AccuWeather and there was no radar, just cute maps)

Here’s hoping it only gets better.


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