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I have a jailbroken iPod Touch 4 running iOS 4.2.1. If you use SSH or an application like iFunBox or DiskAid to access your iDevice’s folder structure from your computer, you may find that one or more of the default apps that come with iOS go missing (for me, I lost the Calculator app). It could be that the app has genuinely been deleted off the device but there is another plausible explanation.

It turns out that I didn’t delete the Calculator app at all–it had been accidentally moved into another folder. This took me months to figure out and just today I found it sitting in the folder for the Camera app. If you can’t find it nested in another folder, you can use iFunBox’s search capability. All you have to do is move the app’s folder back to the root of your Applications folder (DiskAid is easier for this) and restart the device.

  • To do this, copy the folder to your computer in DiskAid or iFunBox and note where it is saved
  • Delete the app’s folder from your device
  • Drag the folder on your computer to the “Applications” folder on the device and restart.

Or, in DiskAid, drag the folder from where it is on the device to the “Applications” folder at the top of the folder list–that’s where it needs to go.

This seems more likely to occur than actually deleting it from the device. If that is the case then you’ll need to do a firmware restore or find a copy of the app’s folder online that matches your iOS version.


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