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WordPress diff Easter egg

I just found out by playing around that the proofreading tool on WordPress also works in HTML editor┬ámode. I tried it. It didn’t work (or it took longer than I waited) but that was the least of my worries.

Self-destructing... hopefully not my post

HTML mode has a rather nasty tendency to strip out breaks between paragraphs (among messing up other things). Guess what? The visual editor didn’t add them back.

I worried but then I remembered I could use WordPress’s integrated diff viewer to restore from yesterday. I tried to find the last sane version, but me being idiotic me, I chose to compare the same revision to itself.

And something very strange happened (see screenshots). My post was self-destructing and I was thrown into the Matrix.

The Matrix has you... (it goes on like this)

I may have been about to lose my post but that led me to this which otherwise wouldn’t have been here to brighten my day. Think of the positives in life.

The fact that I’m using IE is not one of them.


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