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PotShot 1.2 now available

Download (all in .zip files)


  • Persistent directory saving. You can enter a custom directory and it will be saved for the next application launch so you don’t have to type it again.
  • Press Enter when typing a custom directory manually and it will be saved automatically too.
  • Pause button to stop capturing screenshots without resetting the image numbers.


  • Better error handling with invalid paths and file names.


  • The UI elements for “Automatically stop after.” This will take a while to implement and in the meantime it clutters the interface.

Known issues

  • The error handling isn’t quite up to par so it might still crash when opening or saving to an invalid file or directory.

The fixes from the 1.1 beta version still apply. This includes the duplicated image bug fix. There was no non-beta version for 1.1.


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Downloads (all except installer inside a zipped folder)

PotShot requires .NET Framework 4.0. It should work on Vista and later without any extra installation. For Windows XP, you need to download this.

Please take note of the known issues below.


  • Custom manual directory entry
  • Minimize to tray
  • Tray icon has menu options for “Maximize” and “Stop!”
  • Program optionally hides on “Start!” to avoid capturing the window
  • More time options–now you can choose from milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, or days
  • Enable/disable “Start!” and “Stop!” buttons as visual cues that a capture is or isn’t in progress
  • Better button labels and layout
  • Help text for the “Custom” button


  • Memory leak. It should now use a stable 15 to 20 MB
  • Image counter not resetting to zero
  • “Unable to find suitable framework” error on Windows XP–both the installer and standalone executable should work now


  • E-mail photos
  • Automatically stop after a certain time period

Known issues

  • The photo count is still messing up and will save multiple copies of the same photo if you start and stop capturing more than once without restarting the app.
  • Images saved without the option to use the date and time in the filename will be overwritten if the next capture also does not include the date and time.
  • While I have cut down on RAM usage, the CPU usage will jump up if you set the capture interval to more than once per second.
  • Some of the new time settings (hours and up) may be off.
  • It doesn’t capture the mouse cursor.
  • The “Maximize” option in the tray icon doesn’t consistently bring the program to the foreground. It appears in the taskbar as an icon, though.
  • The tray icon requires a double-click instead of a single-click.
  • The tray icon option to stop capture works, but is not reflected in the buttons. Click “Stop” again in the app once you bring the window up.

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Well I just found it out like 3 seconds ago.

318 people donated

Some poor, brave soul lumped together $2,500..wow.

I’m glad to see they’re healthy again. Healthy as STD inflicted 4chan memehunting butt-sniffing /b/tards can be anyway. (How’d you like that? 😀 I don’t even know what I’m saying but I learned all about that from ED.. see it can be educational after all!)

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UPDATE: They’ve apparently reached their donation goal..I’m not sure how they’re working that stuff now. This post is a probably a bit outdated.

From an official ED sysop (DrunkenLazyBastard):

Hey folks, I’m an ED Sysop. I figured I’d give you the low down on what’s happening to set the record straight.

Our current problem with money arose from several factors. First and foremost our previous ad company dropped us because of some of the more risque articles.
In the past it generated enough ad revenue to allow us to more or less break even.
We were forced to switch to a shittier ad company (I’m sure you’ve noticed the annoying ads with sound by now) which hardly pays anything.
Secondly, we were the subject of an extensive denial of service attack which ran up our bills and pissed off our host to the point that they nullrouted our server for a day or so.

The bottom line is GirlVinyl and Joseph Evers (the owners of the site) have been paying a lot of money out of pocket for the last few months to keep the site afloat, and they just are not able to continue funding it on their own.

Hope that clears some things up, if you have any questions you can leave me a note on my ED user talk page.



PS: we use one of the largest 3rd party companies that deals with online purchases, so at no point do we actually see your info. Hey, we may be trolls hackers and other assorted malcontents, but screwing your own user base is a really dumb idea ;)

Also to explain everyone else’s worries over PayPal and such:

PPS: we’re not using paypal because paypal haets us.They don’t do biz with offensive or pornographic sites, a catagory under which we (proudly) fall under.


The reason there’s no news on the ED blog is because the password has been lost and it’s not been retrieved. Once they get it I’m sure it’ll be your one-stop-shop for news.

DONATE to keep it alive! And to keep me from searing your eyes with any more bold text!

Original scare follows…


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