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I read this solution casually while looking for an answer, and I just tried it on a whim. It’s the one that worked for me. All you have to do is make a local account and sign in to that one. Wait a bit, and it will probably sort out your apps. If the tiles look dim, click them anyway and they’ll refresh themselves. If an app still doesn’t work, convert your other login to a local account and make the new one your Microsoft account, at least temporarily.

Though, I think my complaints with Windows 10’s slowness has a lot to do with user profile corruption. This new account feels much smoother. My advice would be, when installing, choose a local account, and then convert it to a Microsoft account later. It seems like it leaves more mess behind if you do a Microsoft account right out of the gate.


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I “get it” now. Sort of. I’ve tried it before but was turned off by it being complex and wordy. But I’ve seen that it’s actually really easy. For instance, to list and count only certain file types in a directory, just do this:

foreach($file in gci -recurse -include *.jpg, *.png){
echo $file
echo $i

And that’s it. I can see myself using this more often.

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I use this to get 64-bit Pygame.

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Apparently, IDEs can’t do this because Pygame is written in C. I’m sad.


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The repo is private for the moment while I get some things sorted, but in the meantime you can submit bug reports here.

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I like the Ribbon. I’ve liked it since Office 2007 and I still find it useful. A lot of third-party apps have started using a similar interface concept. It works in Office, but it seems like it doesn’t work as well elsewhere. Foxit Reader recently added a new Ribbon-like interface. It’s easy enough to change, though:

Just go to File->Change Toolbar Mode, If you want to switch it back, go to VIew->UI Options->Change Toolbar Mode.

You can also still hide the ad at the top, but the location to do it has changed. Now you have to uncheck the “Show Advertisement” box in File (or Edit if the Ribbon is turned off)->Preferences->General.

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[Sic] semper tyrannis

The [sic] that you sometimes see in quotes means that it was an error by the original author, and not one introduced by the quoter. But it doesn’t stand for anything. It’s not an acronym. It’s actually a Latin word meaning “thus”.

And the Virginia state motto is “Sic semper tyrannis,” or “Thus always to tyrants.”

Just a cool connection there.

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