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6/20/2013: There is a new version of PotShot available. See this post if you would like to try it.

I've been doing some programming with Python and PyGame lately, and I was browsing around on YouTube when I ran into some videos about a couple of programming contests (namely, PyWeek and Ludum Dare). I thought some of the videos were cool because they were a time lapse of the development process. Either they recorded their desktop and sped it up, or they took periodic screenshots and threaded them together into a video (with, say, Windows (Live) Movie Maker or VirtualDub).

On Linux, both of these things are pretty easy to do using scrot or recordmydesktop. But there is no Windows port of them (that I’m aware of), and the similar software I did find either cost money (too much for something like this), or missed the mark (no other free screenshot software I found could do periodic screenshots).

So, I came up with PotShot. It’s stupid simple. I don’t know much of anything about C#, so I basically ripped the screenshot code from here, Googled some things, ripped some more people’s code (sorry!) and wrapped it up in this interface.

The big bold "PotShot" is there just to fill up empty space

All it does is take a screenshot at the interval that you set. It can do milliseconds, seconds, and minutes. There’s an option to tack on the date and time on the end of the image filenames, because VirtualDub can automatically sequence the images if they’re numbered, but it doesn’t seem to like having anything besides the number in the filename. I’ll have to experiment.

Bug: Hit “Start!”, then “Stop!”, then “Start!” again, and it generates two images instead of one, and (I believe) at the wrong interval. I’m working on that.

You can get it installed (thanks to the incredibly useful wizard in HM NIS Edit), or as a plain .exe in a .zip file.

I tried to lower the requirements, but I think it still needs .NET Framework 3.5. I’ll work on that too.

The source is a bit wonky at the moment because I was trying to do some things with it but I don’t have time now.

Download (currently on box.net):

Hopefully by the next couple versions:

  • Automatically stop after a certain interval.
  • Stealth mode + tray icon
  • Command-line arguments (or just a command-line version)
  • Fix that stupid bug I mentioned

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