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HOWTO: openBVE on (Ubuntu) Linux

While trying to remain as distribution-generic as I can, this HOWTO will, as a matter of course, focus on Debian and Ubuntu. This information is current as of openBVE 1.2 and Tao Framework 2.1.0.

If you just want it to work: openBVE is available in Ubuntu’s repository now (as of 9.04, see here), but it lags behind the official version. Everything is installed automatically and it works out-of-the-box.

If you’re like me though and hate having a software version lagging behind, or you want or need to manually install openBVE, here’s what I had to do.

Manual Installation:

  • Prerequisites: Just one thing. You’ll need to install Mono if you don’t have it already. It’s apparently included by default with Ubuntu and other Debians, so this eases our pain a little bit.
  • Installation:
  1. Download the openBVE executable package zip file on openBVE’s download page. Extract it to a folder.
  2. Download the Tao Framework. Get the .tar or the .zip archive of the latest version. Extract all of these files to your openBVE folder. (No, all of them probably aren’t necessary. It’s just much quicker than sorting through them.)
  3. Install OpenAL and ALUT from your distribution’s package repository. The canonical Debian example:
  4. sudo apt-get install libopenal0a libopenal-dev


    sudo apt-get install libalut0 libalut-dev

    If you can’t install via a repository, you’ll probably either have to find the files elsewhere or compile them from source from here. I think you can install using the .dmg for OS X but I don’t know how.

  5. I had problems getting sound to work. If you do, try this:

    In your openBVE folder where the Tao Framework was extracted, open the file Tao.OpenAL.dll.config in a text editor.

    Change the line

    <dllentry os="linux" dll="libopenal.so.0" />


    <dllentry os="linux" dll="libopenal.so.1" />

    and save.

  6. To run openBVE, open a terminal and change into the directory where you’ve extracted all this mess:

    cd /path/to/openBVE

    Then type

    mono openBVE.exe.

    This should hopefully give you a completely functioning openBVE.


  • I tried simply copying the files over from my Windows partition and running openBVE but that didn’t work. I have no idea why, unless the versions are different and I didn’t know it.
  • I’m getting a very low frame rate but that’s probably due to my poor graphics card. You’ll probably have better results.
  • Don’t be surprised if you end up with graphical glitches. I haven’t seen any in-game so far, but images in the pregame menus are distorted. I couldn’t get a 3D cab to load either.



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