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It’s been, oh, about a little over a week now (almost 2!) since my school’s summer vacation started. Which, normally I would be OK with, but considering it’s going to be one of the shorter breaks, I’m kind of depressed.

It’s also my last vacation as a compulsory student of the state. It’s exciting, but scary. It shouldn’t be.

Like I said in my “podcast” (feh), I have a lot of catching up to do in a very short period of time. Writing this post certainly isn’t saving me any, but hey.

Like last year, I have goals for this summer. Even though I’m not off to the most spiritful start with them, I’m already beyond my grandest achievements from before.

Last year, my goals were important at the time, but in the grand scheme of things they seem so trite, so insignificant. They were goals, and ones I planned to achieve, but relatively unimportant regarding the impact they would have on my life.

My goals for this year and next year are much bigger. They have to be out of necessity. If they weren’t life-changing goals, then my life would never change. And in that case, life would get really hard, really fast.

So, let’s see what your neighborhood atylmo will be up to over the next 3 months or so.

  • I will drive on a real, operating public road.
  • I will make it more than 5 miles from my house.
  • I will overcome the pain that is a broken memory card (yes, GTA..again)
  • I will consider thinking about looking for a job. If an opportunity presents itself, sure. Otherwise, this isn’t too likely.
  • I will overcome more of my social phobia and be comfortable with people. I will also hopefully get people comfortable with me. I’ve lost too many friendships because I’m not social enough.
  • I will become more self-disciplined.
  • I will learn more skills and metaskills that I should know by now. Mowing lawns, cooking, car maintenance, etc.
  • I will be sexy by the time school starts. Oh wait I already am. A six pack would be a nice bonus though.
  • I will regain most of the Spanish I’ve lost since the class ended. I need to prepare for the third semester. I will also try to pick up more.
  • I will hang out with a friend. I have only ever done something with someone from school over summer vacation once.
  • I will (well, want to) finally send a reply to that postcard I got from Japan, probably 4 months ago. Which also entails learning how to send international mail.
  • I will make my dad proud of me.
  • I will make the best of these 3 months.

It may seem stupid to post these, especially on a blog that seems wholly unrelated to phobias and self-confidence issues, but posting helped me last year, so why not now? It’s more important this time.

That’s the way you do it.


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